Saturday Stuff

I made it to my vacation-in-place pretty smoothly… it’ll be nice to have this week to goof around…

I really don’t have any one thing to blog about, so I’m going to bounce around a bit.

  • It’s almost official now: With the word that the Gwinnett Braves have hired former WCW announcer Tony Schiavone (also a former Charlotte baseball broadcaster, to be fair) as their radio broadcaster for 2009, it shouldn’t be long before the R-Braves release the Richmond market and we find out what level of baseball we’ll get in their place.  If we get any at all, given how late in the season we are… I would prepare for the possibility we’ll have no baseball in 2009, if that means we’ll have a new ballpark for the new team in 2010.  As to the G-Braves… given Schiavone’s mediocre abilities as a wrestling commentator, will each G-Braves game be THE BIGGEST G-BRAVES GAME EVER~!?
  • A peek at our future?  We all know that the Richmond Coliseum is a disaster area.  Well, if you think we have it bad, visit Baltimore’s 1st Mariner Arena sometime — but do it soon, as word is coming out that they are going to knock it down and replace it with a new arena… that’ll take three years to build.  So basically, Baltimore won’t have an arena for 3 years — one would imagine concert-goers there will be making lots of trips to Washington and Philly.  Could that happen here?  Will our region have the will to knock down the Big Brown Truck and build something vaguely resembling a decent venue?  And could Richmond survive without an arena for any length of time, if they did? 
  • Who says wrestling is fake? 🙂 There’s been an outbreak of serious injuries among Virginia’s wrestling fraternity.  I won’t go into the names (most of you wouldn’t know them), but it’s disappointing that one guy’s out with a badly-broken leg, and another had to retire with a broken back — that had apparently been broken for a while, and he only found it out while being X-rayed for an unrelated fall.  Let’s make sure everyone understands the distinction: pro wrestling is staged, but it’s not “fake”.  Wrestlers hurt themselves doing what’s basically unprotected stunt work all the time.
  • Disney’s Pleasure Island update: Finally, some thoughts about Disney’s newest public-relations debacle.  Last night, Disney goons (there’s no better word for them) were policing the Adventurer’s Club at Pleasure Island looking for anyone who might have been passing out email and postal addresses for Disney executives (I guess they’re tired of the grass-roots campaign to save the Club)… and there’s a rumor (unsourced at this point) that while Disney is rushing to shut down Pleasure Island on or before Sept. 27, there are no contracts signed with all of the so-called “guest-demanded” new restaurants and shops.  Meaning that there is chance, given the sudden dive of the economy, that Disney will close PI and replace it with… nothing.  Some Adventurer’s Club fans think that the rumor means PI can be saved — I think we’re seeing that Disney will shut PI down just to show us fans who’s really in charge.  It’s clear that the Disney Company has lost its way.  Would that some of its larger shareholders knew that… anyone can run a theme park (Daniel Snyder is, thus proving my point), but not anyone can be Disney.  And right now, I’m not sure Disney wants to be Disney.  That’s a shame.

OK, enough for now.   The Big Brothers Big Sisters Duck Race on Brown’s Island is next Saturday… I may go there, just to watch the unique sight of thousands of rubber ducks being dropped into the canal along Brown’s Island.   If you’re here in Richmond and you haven’t seen this at least once… you really should.

Until next time…

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