Just another post

I had to laugh a bit… the post I made that displayed a few interesting statistics about the Richmond Improv Festival* (and festivals in general) has gotten more views than anything else I’ve written on WordPress.  Of course, I’m not surprised by this.  There are certain thin-skinned people who search the Internet for everything anyone writes about them while they bitch and moan about people writing about them… I guess they were looking for more reasons to be insulted. 🙂

In other news… 🙂 I’m glad Memorial Day week is over… I think I handled more work in 4 days on the Day Job than I usually do in 5.  I applied for a job change this week (it’s for what we call Advanced Tech Services, basically second-line support) although the last time I applied for the same opening, not only did I fail to get the job, I never even got the required followup to tell me why…

And things are what they are at the radio station… quiet.  I guess that’s a good thing, as long as they keep paying me to show up… 🙂

Completely unrelated – I’m thrilled that Password is back, and I can’t wait for it to air tomorrow night (8pm, CBS6).  I just hope Regis fits into the Password hosting tradition… but really, we can only expect Regis to be Regis, right?

Ah well… I’m sure I’ll have something more exciting to blog about soon, right?  Right.

*gratuitous mention put in to amuse the Googlistas. 🙂

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