Rising from the ashes…

Last summer, I saw the original Asia in concert.  The first album by the original Asia lineup since their heyday in 1983 came out last month, and I just picked up a copy.

They sound just as good now as they did then… they’ve indeed risen from the ashes (almost literally, after lead singer John Wetton’s open-heart surgery last year).  Which is probably why the album is called Phoenix.

I wanted to spotlight the last chorus of the album, from the song An Extraordinary Life. I wish my life was like this… maybe if I ever rise from the ashes?

Go seize the day
Wake up and say
This is an extraordinary life… whoa…

Enjoy today
Come what may
This is an extraordinary life.

Now on the screen, that doesn’t look that inspiring, right… but try it in Asia’s trademark 4-part harmony, with Wetton’s distinctive voice leading.  It’s on my MySpace profile if you want to listen.

And for the techies… 🙂 Asia are working on a fascinating new souvenir.  It’s a bracelet… and a USB flash stick.  It’ll be available shortly after each show.  With the show recorded on it.  So you can take the show home, plug it into a USB port, and play it back.  How cool is that?


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