AI Week 8 – Neil Diamond week

A quick editorial – what the hell did Broadway show tunes have to do with being a pop star?  And that’s all I have to say about last week.

On to Neil Diamond week…

Jason Castro – “Forever In Blue Jeans”
OK, when did Jason find his voice?  This is the best performance I’ve seen him give… he gets the show off to a good start.

David Cook – “I’m Alive”
What’s with the “AC” on the jacket and guitar?  Oh, he nailed the song again.  Like there was any worry about that…

Brooke White – “I’m A Believer”
Hmm… I didn’t quite get into this version… it was OK, but not the smash she needed… she’s clearly on the bubble tonight and this needed to really click… I’m not sure she did.

David Archuleta – “Sweet Caroline”
Started a bit rough, but got into the hook and came out OK.  Not that it matters, he’s got the fangirl vote, but I’m glad he’s still trying…

Syesha Mercado – “Hello Again”
The ladies are off to a rough start… I think Syesha slowed it down a bit too much.   Not bad, but not quite the big performance she needed.

And if you needed proof that the judges aren’t all there, Paula started grading the DRESS REHEARSAL!  Either that, or she can’t figure out who she was listening to…

Jason – “September Morn”
A little thin a times (always seems to be a risk with Jason) but he did a good job.  I think he’s in the Top 4.

David C. – “All I Really Need Is You”
The rocker unplugged… another solid performance.  He’s clear for the Top 4.

Brooke – “I Am, I Said”
Again, the performance was good.  It wasn’t good enough.  She’s at risk of going home tomorrow.

David A. – “America”
This is a song the other David should have done.  Archuleta doesn’t have the ability to drive a song that this one needs… he could’ve gotten away with going over the top and didn’t do it.  He’ll get through, but this isn’t one of his shining moments.

Syesha – “Thank The Lord For The Nighttime”
Much better.  She looked like a performer on this one, and definitely got a better handle on the song.  I think that she may be at risk, only because someone else has to be.  Simon may be right, I think Broadway or acting may be her future more than pop singing.

THE BIG FINISH: Jason was good, but not great.  David C. is really so different from the other 4 it’s hard to compare.  Brooke is in trouble, she really didn’t connect tonight.  David A. *should* be in trouble for “America” but won’t be.  Syesha may sneak past this week but I don’t think she’ll get to the Final Three.

FEARLESS PREDICTION: Someone named David will be your next American Idol.
FEARLESS PREDICTION 2: Brooke’s going home.
FEARLESS PREDICTION 3: One of the first two predictions will be wrong.


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