Home again…

…I got back to Richmond last night, but I was honestly too wiped out to post.

I realized that I walk more in one week in Orlando than I would tend to do in the rest of the year in Richmond… so when I get back from O-town, I’m usually exhausted. 🙂

It’s for good reasons, of course… I hit three Disney theme parks, two improv clubs (SAK Comedy and Comedy Warehouse), and spent a lot of time at the “you can’t describe it you have to see it” Adventurer’s Club at Disney’s Pleasure Island.  And I even found time to just chill out and do nothing.  But in visiting three theme parks (and attending that one baseball game, where I had to park in another area code, I think), there’s a lot of walking… which, as it always does, reminds me that I really need to get into better shape.  Then I get here and get back to my regular schedule and… well… I never quite get around to it.

I’ll get back to work on Monday, of course, and all the good feelings from being on vacation should be over quickly… 🙂  but until then, I’m taking it slow today and just doing my radio shows over the weekend.  Other than that… I’m still on vacation. 🙂


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