American Idol finals week 5 – Inspirational Songs

Michael Johns – “Dream On” (Aerosmith)
He did a good version of the song, but I’m not sure it was the right song for him.  Might be a Death Slot casualty if things break the wrong way.

Syesha Mercado – “I Believe” (Fantasia)
OK, it’s the “Idol winner cover” gambit.  Good performance with a strong finish.  I think she gets through on this.

Jason Castro – “Over The Rainbow” (some Hawaiian version)
Ukelele Power?  Well, he took a risk.  Too bad it’s likely to fail – this was an odd version, with no life behind it.  Definite Bottom Three and could be his exit line.  Clearly, the judges are nuts again — overhyping this flat version, perhaps to keep Dreadlock Boy in the game?

Interlude: I never… EVER… want to see that Meat Loaf/AT&T Go Phone commercial again.  Ever.

Kristy Lee Cook – “Anyway” (Martina McBride)
At least she didn’t pick the National Anthem.  Hmm… she may have found a niche.  Not as robotic… an enjoyable performance… she seemed to finally get into a song.  This one might just keep her out of the Bottom Three.

David Cook – “Innocent” (My Lady Peace)
The first problematic performance I’ve seen from him… he got lost in trying too hard to cover the song at times, but came back toward the end.  Won’t be Bottom Three, but not his best.  And the “give back” gimmick at the end… no.

Carly Smithson – “The Show Must Go On” (Queen)
Good to see someone try to take command of the stage.  Solid vocally, and she seemed more like a star tonight than she has… she should be safe.  The judges liked Dreadlock Boy and dissed this?  OK, they’re absolutely bonkers.

David Archuleta – “Angels” (Robbie Williams)
Piano Fu… 🙂 Another odd song choice for him… and it was far from his best work.  Too many teenyboppers will keep him out of the Bottom Three, but this was really not a good showcase.

Brooke White – “You’ve Got A Friend” (Carole King)
A good song choice for her… it took a moment, but she got into it.  OK… a good middle-of-the-pack performance.

THE BIG FINISH: Michael’s performance doesn’t look good the second time, either… Syesha might have problems (but I liked it)… Jason’s channeling of Tiny Tim was a mistake… Kristy Lee came through (finally?)… David C. sounded a bit better on second glance, but still… Carly shines tonight (so she’ll be Bottom Three, natch)… David A. never got into the song and it showed… Brooke played to her strength and came through fine…

MY BOTTOM THREE: Jason, Michael, David
AMERICA’S BOTTOM THREE: Michael, Carly, Brooke
WILL GO HOME: Carly or Brooke

And now… MUST… CHANGE… CHANNEL… before Gordon Ramsay eats my television.


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