Hillary Clinton cheats…

There, someone said it.

I think we now get a clear picture of why Hillary put up with Bill all those years — she’s as corrupt and double-dealing as he is.

Let me count the ways…

  • “Delegates really aren’t pledged, they can vote for anyone”.  She has gone on record as chasing Obama delegates by claiming that the primaries are only advisory, and delegates can vote for anyone… but…
  • “Michigan and Florida delegates should count”, even though Michigan and Florida violated Democratic Party rules and ran their primaries before they were supposed to.  Both state party committees knew they were risking losing their Convention credentials, and ran their primaries anyway.  All of the candidates were supposed to withdraw from those two states.  Guess who didn’t… and guess who benefits if the “pledged” MI and FL delegates are seated.  So *these* delegates are obligated to vote for Hillary.
  • Obama-bashing — it seems that Mrs. Clinton has decided that if she can’t be President in 2008, no Democrat can.  She’s done more to write John McCain’s fall campaign advertising than any Republican operative could have dreamed.
  • Bosnia Memories — so was she shot at in Tuzla, or was it all a dream?  I mean, the tape doesn’t lie… except in Hillary’s mind.

Hillary Clinton was called a “congential liar” years ago.  I would say she’s far worse than that.  She’s downright evil, and if she’s the Democratic candidate for President, it’ll be the best thing that has happened to John McCain in years.  The Democratic Party needs to take control of the situation and let Mrs. Clinton know that her slash-and-burn attack on the process has to end.  Or else they’re handing the White House back to the Republicans for 4 more years.


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