AI Finals Week 4 – wrong again, sort of

While I did say that Ramiele might have deserved a trip to the Bottom Three, I didn’t actually predict that she’d get there, so yes, I was wrong again.

I still can’t fathom how Kristy Lee survives.  Must be the… um… boob factor. 🙂

Next week, Idol Gives Head Back (sorry, had to steal the VoteForTheWorst wisecrack), which means nobody is eliminated and they double up on April 16.

And, in other news, I’m typing this on my new toy – a new HP Pavilion laptop with Windows Vista (sigh), 3GB memory, and a 160GB hard drive.  My previous laptop is 3 years old and has developed problems rendering web pages… so I will probably salvage what I need off it, then toss Linux (most likely Ubuntu) on it for experimentation.  Vista has been… interesting.  I haven’t learned to hate it — yet — but I’m sure I will. 🙂


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