Some stuff

(1) My parents celebrated their 45th wedding anniversary yesterday.  Wow.  Most of their peers are at least once-divorced, and I won’t get into the odds that many marriages now will make it 45 years.   Of course, I’m proud of them and I’m proud of that… I guess I need to start working on their 50th anniversary party… I’ve only got 5 years to pull it off.. 🙂

(2) I’m heading to Florida in less than 3 weeks… I definitely need this break.  It can’t get here fast enough.

(3) For those who haven’t figured it out (what with my run as a ring announcer and such), I’m a wrestling fan.  The man who defined the last 25 years in pro wrestling, Ric Flair, retired last night.  Most wrestlers today will tell you that they’re in the business, in part, because of Ric Flair.  I really became a fan in the ’80s because Ric Flair was on SuperStation TBS every Saturday night.  And now it’s over.  He deserves his retirement. He’s traveled the world many times over entertaining wrestling fans… I hope he takes that retirement and enjoys it.  Ric… thanks for the memories.  Whooooo. 🙂

That’s pretty much all I wanted to toss into the blog for now… nothing substantial until I take another swing at the American Idol machine tomorrow night.   It’s country night.  It ought to be… interesting.


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