And in other news… Facebook goes FOAFing…

FOAF = Friend of a Friend.

Facebook unveiled a new tool tonight which will check your friends’ friend lists — and offer you a chance to befriend a selection of people who are on two or more friends lists (and, of course, who isn’t already a friend of yours). The list does change each time (too many for one page, I guess?)…

Since I’m using Facebook as an experiment to see who’d ask to be my friend (oops, did I give that away now?), I won’t be using it for myself. But it is fun as a social experiment of its own…

Of course, given my past, there are people from That Place to whom I have no intention of ever speaking again coming up on the list… what I am looking forward to are the unexpected intersections. One found so far is a friend of both a current WellPoint coworker and a former performer at That Place. There’s a bunch of wrestling people, of course, as we are a rather incestuous bunch… a few WellPoint coworkers… and one hockey team. 🙂

Anyway, if you’re on Facebook, it looks like fun (and given that I syndicate this blog to Facebook, I guess I’m preaching to the choir)… 🙂

Edit: it appears there is a different use of FOAF (as a file format for sites like Facebook) than the way I’m using it.  Oh, well… 🙂


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