The Communists who cried “Wolf”…

I know, I don’t usually do “world events” posts here, but this almost cries out for attention.

It’s all over the Internet news media this morning – “Chinese foil terrorist plot on Beijing Olympics”.

And we believe this… why?

This is the same Chinese Communist government that still claims Tienanmin Square never happened.  So we’re supposed to believe them when they claim there was a terrorist plot emanating from a region where they’d like to kill off as many “enemies” as possible anyway?  And then they pull a story out of the 9/11 playbook and claim it happened in Chinese airspace?

And the American news media is buying this?

I haven’t seen a clearer wag-the-dog story in years.  When the “crackdown on terrorists” comes in a few days, with dead bodies piling up like cordwood, I won’t be surprised.

But you won’t hear too much negative — there’s too much money in it for NBC and their advertisers… and as always, money talks and decency walks.

I’ll try to be less relevant next time. 🙂


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