Another Saturday Night

…and I’m home blogging. 🙂

A few bullet points for a quiet Saturday night:

  • Radio’s trying to kill me. 🙂  Today was another VCU game on half of the 107.3 BBT simulcast, 100.3 FM in Petersburg.  The game was supposed to air at 10:30 AM (thanks, ESPN).  At 10:10, I went to split 100.3 off the simulcast… only to find that the computer where we do the split had crashed.  Now this wouldn’t be so bad… except for the fact that the computer sits at the transmitter site.  In Petersburg.  So I call our chief engineer, who knew about the problem — but had never been told that we had a game today.  Telling VCU that their pregame show was going to be Internet-only didn’t go over well.  The good part was that the chief engineer got everything working just as the game tipped off at 11:00.  The bad part?  The feed from the game site in Akron went down at 11:08.  We were off for a few minutes before switching to using a phone feed (with clicks, pops, and hisses, oh my!) for the rest of the game.  I don’t think I’ve done a VCU game this season that went off without a disaster… I don’t know why they keep assigning me the games… 🙂
  • Meanwhile, at WellPoint… there’s a project I will be needed for, for about 5-7 days probably.  It was supposed to be over by now, but hasn’t started, and I can’t get a start date (although it’s officially in “any day now” status).  Because of that, I can’t schedule any time off… and because of the fact that I work 7 days a week, I am reaching the point where I desperately need a breather.   So if I flip out in the next few weeks… this is why.
  • In the good news/bad news department — Good News: a new improv troupe is starting in Richmond.  Bad News: they’re playing at That Place.  Oh well, I guess they’ll just have to go on without me. 🙂
  • Speaking of mixed results and comedy, Saturday Night Live is back tonight.  Maybe during the writers’ strike they figured out how to do a show that’s entertaining for all 90 minutes?  One can hope?
  • And some stuff that isn’t about me, in Larry King triple-dot style: it stunned me that the bikini model was voted off American Idol… I gave America’s drooling fanboys more credit than that… when you tried to guess which game show would give away $1,000,000 first, was The Price is Right your first guess?… congratulations to Eddie Murphy and Lindsay Lohan for sweeping the Razzies… I didn’t see either movie, but apparently they earned their awards…  Paris Hilton is a clear frontrunner for the ’09 Razzies… big surprise there… it’s well past time for Sen. Clinton to give up the chase before her increasingly-slimy campaign against Sen. Obama hands the White House to Sen. McCain on a silver platter… Sports Illustrated has an article this week that theorizes that Roger Clemens is in such a state of denial about using steroids that he really believes he didn’t… that would explain him throwing his wife under the bus… either that, or he’s the most cynical lying bastard in history… finally, whoever said it never rains in Southern California isn’t a NASCAR fan.

See you on the radio… 🙂


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