Remind me why I like working in radio?

Live radio… feh… 🙂

Saturday:  VCU basketball live on 100.3 FM… for these games we use the Comrex Matrix box I’ve mentioned before… and, once again, it goes on the fritz.  This time, we lose the feed early in the first half, and wind up switching to doing the game by phone, which sounds bad but at least is stable.  But this… this was only the preliminary.

Sunday: Richmond basketball live on 93.1 FM, relaying the game from ESPN Radio 950. ESPN 950 connects to us on an ISDN line… which drops off right at the end of the pregame show.  It turns out that because of the 50 MPH winds blowing through Richmond today, a tree has come down on the power line outside ESPN 950’s studios.  They can’t feed us anything.  Meanwhile, the same winds are causing our power lines to bounce around at the Arboretum, knocking our off-air studios offline and wiping out the production computer for 93.1 the Wolf.  Fortunately, after 15 minutes of fits and starts, we get the ISDN connection going between the Robins Center and 93.1.  But we have a problem – we only had one copy of Richmond’s network breaks, and they were on the computer that failed.  So we work it out where the broadcasters took their usual “commercial” breaks… and we covered them with music.  It sounded about as amateurish as it reads there.  I mean, we got the game on, I guess, but it was brutal.  After the game, I got the production studios back online… but when I left, we still had no Internet connection (yes, that died when the power blinked, too).  That wasn’t a problem for me, but in the morning, all three stations get their news and traffic via Internet… usually. 🙂  I think our chief engineer was heading into the studios tonight to try to get the Internet connection fixed.  I’m sure that WASN’T his original plans for the evening. 🙂

I just keep reminding myself that there’s only a month left in the basketball season, and then I can go back to creating my own disasters, instead of dealing with someone else’s.  🙂

Speaking of disasters, Thursday is Valentine’s Day.  FEH. 🙂


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