Braves:  The International League is currently hedging its bets — they’ve approved the move of the Braves to Gwinnett for 2009, but are not releasing their claim to the Richmond territory… just in case they need a place for the Braves to play in the event the Gwinnett stadium isn’t ready.   I don’t expect that to last for long…

Radio: ‘Twas another fun day in the radio business today… it started with our Internet connection at Main Line.  You know that cable internet commercial starring the Slowskys?  Well… our service today was slower than the Slowskys.  It was slower than dialup.  Ironically, Main Line’s Internet provider is Comcast Business.

It was a problem because I have to download a week worth of commercials on the weekend.   Fortunately, I could (and did) do the downloads from home — except for one distributor whose website has been down all day… I wonder if Comcast is their ISP, too?

Later in the day, we were scheduled to split the simulcast on 107.3/100.3 to air VCU basketball on 100.3 (while keeping music on 107.3).  The game broadcast started at 3:30.  At 3:15, when we tried to split the simulcast… we ran into a problem.  To split the simulcast, we had to make a remote-control connection, through the Internet, to a computer at the transmitter site for 100.3 FM.  However… we didn’t HAVE an Internet connection.  This… was a big problem.    Of course,  I was mildly panicked — as it looked like we’d either not air the game at all or have to produce it exclusively for VCU’s website… neither of which would have gotten the station paid, which would have caused me angst when management got wind of it.  The good news was that at 3:20, we got approval to put the game on 107.3 and 100.3 — which meant that since we didn’t have to split the stations, we could do the game from our primary studio.  It also meant a frantic reconnection of our feed from the game site in Norfolk, which we did with just 4 minutes to spare.  The good news was that we DID get the game on air, and it was a fun game for the audience to listen to.

I may have to take some heckling from our listeners tomorrow… at 2:50, I mentioned the scheduled split and said to listen to 107.3 for music… and at 3:30, I pulled the music off the air.   I expect a few angry calls… 🙂

Hopefully, tomorrow will be quiet… and Monday will be a good day, as it’s a WellPoint holiday and I plan to be asleep.  All day, if possible. 🙂

Enjoy your weekend, especially if it’s of the 3- or 4-day variety.


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