Another random blog entry

So I’m sitting here in the palatial studios *cough* comfortable studios *cough* glorified broom closet of 93.1 the Wolf, running the board for a University of Richmond basketball game, bored out of my mind.

So, of course, my first thought turned to blogging.

Then, I realized I have nothing new to blog about.

So my second thought turned to blogging anyway, because I have another hour or so to kill and I’m going down swinging.  Or, at least, not quite as bored…

Just noticed that there are more salespeople (12) than DJ’s (7) here at MainLine.  In case you ever wondered what radio is really about… that should serve as your final answer.

Speaking of “final answers”, the only good thing about the Hollywood writers’ strike is the game show rush that’s about to hit TV.   ABC’s “Duel” arrives in 2 weeks… “Power of 10” and “1 vs. 100” are back in January… I’m just surprised that ABC hasn’t actually revived Millionaire (which might be, in part, because Regis is doing CBS’ new Password remake)…

Finally, if you’d like to do something easy and feel-good this holiday season, the radio stations I work for are a sponsor of “Toys for Tots”.  So when you go Christmas shopping, pick up one extra toy, then stop by one of the dropoff sites listed at our website and put the toy in the box.  On Christmas Day, a kid who wouldn’t have gotten much will get that toy… and you’ll have the satisfaction of knowing you made someone’s holiday.  Thanks.


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