How to slip past another birthday…

1. Get sick three days before your birthday.
2. Don’t advertise the birthday (other than on MySpace, where only a few people can see it, of course).
3. Stay sick right through the birthday.
4. Be grateful for Advil Cold & Sinus.
5. Try to do a radio show while coughing and sniffling.  Be grateful for computerized voicetracking, that lets you record the same bits over and over until the wheezing is gone.
6. Go to lunch after the show, and run into a friend you haven’t seen in months.  Laugh when you warn her about your cold, and she says “I have a two-year-old, what can I catch from you that I couldn’t get from my son?”
7. Head home, and sneeze some more.
8. Read the (somewhat surprising number of) emails, messages, and comments.
9. Be grateful for the friends that took the time to send them.
10. Profit!  (wait, that’s from another list)

Seriously… thanks.

Turning 44 isn’t so bad… it’s like 43, only more of it.


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