A bit of a roundup…

– Geez… no matter how bad my job gets, at least I’m not Lloyd Carr. 🙂  (Sports fans will get that reference, and everyone else can ask a sports fan.)
– The Second City Touring Company visited Richmond the other night (at U of R’s Modlin Centre) — the show was called “One Nation Under Blog” but the title had nothing to do with the show… it was a mix of sketches, musical numbers, and improv games… and it was a blast.  What I found most notable was that the show I went to wasn’t originally scheduled.  When the Modlin Centre opened up ticket sales, there was only a 7:30 show.  That show sold out in minutes… so a 10:30 show was opened.  I guess it’s a testimony to either U of R’s ability to sell tickets or Second City’s appeal, but that 10:30 *Thursday* night show filled about 3/4 of the house.  Not bad… and the show ended with an encore featuring U of R’s improv troupe, Subject to Change (and isn’t that just a perfect name for an improv troupe?)…
– …and speaking of improv, I just found out I will be blundering into an improv goldmine next month.  I’m heading to Orlando for my annual “family timeshare” vacation (it’s the parents’ timeshare, and they have one simple rule – “if you can get here, you have a place to sleep”)… and the weekend I arrive is the 30th anniversary of Orlando’s SAK Comedy.  They *are* improv in Orlando, and for their 30th anniversary, they’re setting up an “alumni reunion” weekend.  Their most famous alum, Wayne “Don’t Forget The Lyrics” Brady, hasn’t committed  (yet)… but that’s no matter, the best performers of 30 years in business will *have* to put on good shows, right?  I hope so… 🙂
– Otherwise, it’s the usual stuff in the usual places… both jobs are holding steady… and since that accounts for 7 days of my week… 🙂 that’s pretty much it.

See you on the radio…


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