I’m feeling a little ________ tonight


I guess an era really is over… with Brett Somers’ death over the weekend, we’ve lost the entire core of what made the last great celebrity game show great.

Gene Rayburn passed a couple of years ago, Charles Nelson Reilly earlier this year, and now Brett Somers.

Thank goodness for Match Game DVDs.

I think you can argue that Gene, CNR, and Brett were so good, they really ruined the celeb game show for everyone else… certainly they pretty much ended the Match Game, as none of the remakes were worth a damn… and can you think of a good celebrity-based game show since?  You can even argue that celebrity editions of a game show are death — Millionaire was killed by celebrity versions, they certainly didn’t help Weakest Link, and the evil eye is on November’s Celebrity Who’s Smarter Than A Fifth Grader?

…so the era of the decent celebrity game show is gone.

Rest in _________.


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