An era ends… or not…

EDIT: The following section was written in the hour between the source printing the information below and retracting it. 🙂  I’m keeping it here as a reminder to myself to double-source everything, even blogs.  TV Guide has denied the following story.

[2:13 PM] Word has leaked out that TV Guide magazine will be announcing that it is going to close the print edition of the magazine after the Fall Preview 2007 issue.  The other TV Guide branded activities (website, analog cable channel, DVR guide) will continue.

It’s sad, really.  For 50 years, TV Guide was the magazine of record for television… and now, it’s a dinosaur.

Of course, you could argue that the decision to stop printing local editions to “save the magazine”, turning it into a generic weekly TV-focused tabloid, killed it… yet another example of a business cost-reducing itself to death… but I won’t go there. 🙂  Except that I already did.

This part, though, is still true:  See you on the radio, on the new 107.3 BBT (which you should check out anyway), tomorrow and Sunday.


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