Another week, another post. :)

Not much to talk about… but when has that ever stopped me? 🙂

Something I’d like to talk about , but can’t… those changes at 107.3?  Real soon now.

So instead, I’ll go off on a tangent.  It’s a bit of an unformed ramble, so don’t expect total coherence. 🙂

One of our latest obstacles at WellPoint was a relocation at our Empire Blue Cross subsidiary in New York… they left space on 42nd Street in midtown Manhattan, moving those associates to three locations… including One Liberty Plaza in downtown Manhattan.

Well, not *just* downtown Manhattan.

One Liberty Plaza is close enough to the site of the September 11, 2001 Al Qaeda attacks that it was damaged (and nearly brought down) that day.  Close enough that a clothing store on the ground floor was converted to a temporary morgue.

Keep in mind that Empire was headquartered at the World Trade Center until 9.11.01.    Eight Empire associates died that day.

I can’t help but think that the folks at Empire who green-lighted the move to One Liberty Plaza did it, in part, because it was a chance to go “home” to the World Financial Center (the area around the WTC site).  Since the WTC isn’t coming back, at least not in any way that resembles what it was, going to 1LP is as close as one can get.

To abuse the cliche, for Empire to move back to downtown Manhattan is one way of making sure that, in the end, “we” win.

It’s a small win.  But I’ll take it.  Because we’re losing in the bigger picture… hearing our government threaten to require passports for internal travel (something last done by freedom-loving countries like East Germany and the USSR) made it clear that they’re playing on our fear to throw the game to the terrorists.  Our government needs to make it look like the terrorists are winning so they can keep power.  They’re afraid, too.  They’re afraid we’ll realize they don’t have a clue.   So to cover that, they keep hitting the Fear Button.  The problem is… if the terrorists hate our freedoms, how is giving up our freedoms “winning”?

On the whole, I’d rather celebrate Empire going home.  The rest of us, hopefully, will get to go “home” in November 2008. 🙂


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