…but words will never hurt me.

A dispatch to the Robster’s Place News Network reports that a former colleague at That Place got dismissed recently for making a politically incorrect comment on a public message board.

Read that again.

It wasn’t job-related.  This person simply made a politically incorrect comment and was told their services were no longer required.

What the hell?

It’s a sign of a growing problem.  We’re too damn afraid of words.  We can’t deal with opinions (or just ideas) we don’t like, so we go out of our way to muzzle them.

The problem here is this: muzzling words doesn’t change the underlying opinions.  You can either hear people’s dissenting (and disagreeable) opinions… or you can muzzle them and you have someone in your midst pretending to agree with you.

People who don’t feel they can vocalize their opinions eventually find other ways to do so.

Wouldn’t you rather know what people think?  Wouldn’t you rather hear things you disagree with early, rather than be surprised later?

I would.  I want to know who among us has differing ideas.  Sometimes they’re worth listening to.  Sometimes they’re worth being warned about.  And sometimes they’re just plain wrong.  But at least you’d know.  If they don’t think they can talk, you’ll never know they disagree — until they find that other way…

…of course, that’s just my opinion.  I could be wrong.  But at least, now you know. 🙂


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