I almost forgot…

…the best thing on TV this month is going on this week!

VH1’s World Series of Pop Culture is back, and thank goodness for ‘teh internets’.  I missed the first two shows (because I thought it started this weekend), so while I’m recording Episode 3 on the DVR right now, I just finished watching episodes 1 and 2 at http://vspot.vh1.com.  Episode 3 will be there tomorrow, if you missed it. 🙂  Or you can watch the first-round marathon tomorrow night from 6-10pm (or at least once over the weekend).

Looks like the quarterfinals, semifinals, and finals will be at 9pm Monday-Thursday next week.

Pat Kiernan, morning anchor for New York’s NY1 News network, hosts the show.  He has a very dry, fairly serious demeanor, which is why the writers love to write questions that have him say things like “I have nipples, Greg.  Can you milk me?” in that “newsguy” voice.  Funny as hell.

Even better, the utterly-useless Lisa Guerrero was invited not to return as backstage interviewer, replaced by the most personable team from season 1 — Chicago’s Cheetara.  That’s adding a little more fun for me, because I’ve seen the members of Cheetara (Erin Davidson, Katherine Gotsick, and Amber Tillett) perform at ComedySportz Chicago during my annual Christmas visits to the Windy City.  It’s nice to see that VH1 chose talented people instead of the usual dimbulbs to handle the backstage work. 🙂

And a welcome back to anyone who was reading this on an RSS feed — MySpace’s RSS feeds were offline for almost two weeks.  Hope you’re caught up now. 🙂

See you on the radio…


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