Are personal blogs yesterday’s news?

Now this is from a painfully small sample, but I am getting the sense that personal blogs are starting to fade a bit in popularity.

At least among the people I know and whose blogs I read, there’s been very little activity the last few months.   And from what I can see out there in the big picture, blogging seems to be in the midst of a shift from personal journals to topical commentary.   There’s even a commentary blog at my office, where our CIO posts and the staff can comment back.

I guess the question is… where did all the bloggers go?  Where, oh where, can they be?

And if you’re one of the bloggers who slowed down (or stopped) blogging… I’m kind of curious… why?

Tangent: I’m filling in on middays this week on Oldies 107.3 — the station found out I’m taking a few days off from WellPoint and quickly filled in the gaps in my schedule (so much for quiet time, I guess!)… right now, it looks like I’ll be live Monday and Wednesday and voicetracked the rest of the week… but this is subject to change. 🙂  Although I am fairly certain about tracking Thursday and Friday, since I’ll be at WellPoint during the 10-3 shift. 🙂


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