It was the heat of the moment, indeed…

…it was a nice ride in the time machine at Innsbrook After Hours tonight, as “the four original members of Asia” performed in concert.  It was a fun time… if you know the original Asia at all, you pretty much know the set list.  They played songs only from the Asia and Alpha LPs, as well as one song from each of their past bands.

For Steve Howe, they did Roundabout (Yes).  For Carl Palmer, it was Fanfare for the Common Man (ELP).  For John Wetton, The Court of the Crimson King from King Crimson.  And Geoffrey Downes’ contribution was the Buggles’ Video Killed The Radio Star.

What I enjoyed most was the fact that they basically acknowledged that time had past and didn’t do “studio” versions of their songs.  They changed tempos, they made some arrangement changes, and they did 2007 versions of their 1982 hits.  Would that all bands understood that… 🙂

Thank goodness for the Internet, so I know that it was August 20, 1983 that I saw Asia for the first time at Forest Hills Tennis Stadium in New York.  It only took a little less than 24 years to see them again. 🙂   And I think I enjoyed it more this time…


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