Interesting times at ye olde day job

In a move that was both somewhat expected and somewhat stunning, my manager was transferred out of the department today.

Expected because, unfortunately, there’s been problems in the department of late, and when the department has problems, the manager is in the crosshairs.

Stunning because of its suddenness… usually, there’s a buzz about something like this, but there was no buzz at all until about 15 minutes before the team meeting at which the change was announced.

So for the first time since I came to WellPoint (it was then Trigon, of course), the manager’s seat at the Richmond helpdesk is going to be posted as a vacancy.

I have something to think about.

After all, I’ve said for the last couple of years that I really didn’t aspire to management.  Of course, that was easy because there was no opportunity.  🙂  Now there is.  I have to decide if I want a shot at it.



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