Jail Paris Hilton, Free Michelle Wie

So Paris Hilton gets out of jail because of an “unspecified medical condition”… which appears to be a dangerous media condition.  Too much media for the L.A. jail she was staying in.   So because she’s famous and the jail was surrounded by paparazzi, she gets a get-out-of-jail-free card and gets to serve the rest of her DUI sentence at home with her friends.

Must be nice to be a vacuous airhead.

And while Paris gets to skip jail, Michelle Wie is being held in an entirely different kind of capitivity.  The 16-year-old golf prodigy is apparently coming unglued (including, from reports, playing with a doll figure on her golf bag during a pro-am event on Monday).  Last week, she feigned an injury in order to avoid being disqualified from an LPGA event — and the rest of the 2007 LPGA season — for finishing with a score of 88 or higher.  She was on track for the 88 when a “nagging” wrist injury “flared up” and she withdrew with 2 holes to play.   Reports are that she didn’t withdraw, but that her publicity-hound father withdrew her because he couldn’t face losing his meal-ticket/link to television time/vicarious success.  And the LPGA cooperated because, let’s face it, without Michelle Wie (and with Annika Sorenstam legitimately injured), they have about as much publicity value as the NHL.   So a few days later, the “injury” mysteriously healed, Wie played that pro-am with all the enthusiasm of a death-row inmate taking that long walk.   One hopes that, sometime soon, she bucks the Oriental tradition of respecting her elders and tells her father where to stick his dreams of her conquering the world.

It’s clearly not nice to be a smart young woman with greedy, grasping parents.

Jail Paris Hilton.  Free Michelle Wie.

Works for me.


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