A little corporate intrigue

So you may have heard that my primary employer had a bit of a weird week… on the week we were already scheduled to get a new CEO (the CEO who turned what was then Anthem into the Fortune 500 company WellPoint is today retired), it seems “something” happened and the fellow who was expected to be CEO some day done got himself fired.

And WellPoint won’t talk about why.

Business magazine TheStreet.com called it the 4th dumbest thing to happen on Wall Street this week – the company fired our CFO, David Colby, for unspecified “non-business” reasons.  Aside from the fact that it seems unfair to leave him hanging like this (“non-business” comes off as vaguely slanderish), the timing was called out by TheStreet.com as suspicious.

And to make it worse, when asked if there were any repercussions expected, outgoing CEO Larry Glasscock says “Let me just say that obviously Dave Colby will make the decisions that he thinks are appropriate for Dave Colby.”

Geez, why not just hold up a sign that says “DAVE COLBY IS GOING TO SUE US”?

The whole mess did take our minds off the fact that our workload at the helpdesk is going up while our staffing continues to go down — but that may be changing.  No, the workload isn’t going down, but the decision was made to fill almost all of the current vacancies and bring in some temporary help, as the bleeding has become obvious to enough levels of management that something had to be done.

At least the radio gig is quiet… 🙂 I just do my two airshifts a weekend and have a little fun.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got a half-dozen dating site scam emails to go clear out of my MySpace mailbox…

See you on the radio.

Mandatory disclaimer, required by WellPoint:
the opinions above are my own, and are not those of WellPoint as a company or any other WellPoint associate.  So please don’t fire me for blogging a little. 🙂


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