Wow, a day off…

…as I don’t have to be at either WellPoint or Oldies tomorrow.  I have no idea what I’m going to do, but “nothing” is looking like a viable option.

Things are interesting at both of my jobs… a lot of buzz at the day job (and none of it for terribly positive reasons, alas, and none I can discuss in a public forum) and the weekend gig is going through another reshuffle… the Wolf changed morning shows at the same time as the production director resigned, so now the former morning guy is the production manager… the new morning show is syndicated (which, in a small benefit to me, gives me another weekly production order to handle)… and our ownership just bought 10 radio stations in Dayton and Louisville (meaning they’ll be focusing on the new toys for a while)…

Not much going on otherwise at the moment (which makes you wonder, sometimes, why I bother blogging about all this nothing)… 🙂

Ah well… if you’ve got Monday off, enjoy it and try to take a moment to remember what the day is supposed to be about…


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