Bullet points of extreme randomness

Congratulations to Goldman Sachs for their purchase of Alltel.  And if they treat it with the same barely-noticeable management they used on AMF, I’ll be congratulating them for their dumping of a devalued, demoralized, and defeated Alltel to one of its competitors in 2010 or so…

National Bingo Night?  NOOOOOOOOO WAY!  Now I’m a game show fan… I even LIKED “Show Me The Money” and thought “The Rich List” had a chance… but this show is a disaster.  Bad host.  Bad production.  Bad concept.  Bad night.  Bad chance.  If it actually airs this Friday, check it out while it lasts… (9pm on ABC, WRIC/8).

Care to shake up your worldview?  I’m reading a book called “What Is Your Dangerous Idea?” from the online thinktank edge.org.   If you read it with an open mind, you will definitely at least reconsider your world, if not change it altogether.  The book asks a group of scientists (mostly), writers, and other philosophical types for their most dangerous idea — the one that would shift paradigms if it were true.  Here’s the Amazon.com site for the book, linked to edge.org so they make a little extra off it. 🙂

Another fun read.  If you haven’t done so yet, grab Rolling Stone’s 40th anniversary edition (before it disappears from store shelves) for interviews with a number of famous names who span the 40 years — the two surviving Beatles, Norman Mailer, Tom Wolfe, Jimmy Carter, Mick Jagger, and more… — as well as a list of the 40 Songs That Changed The World.

A gambler I am not.  I decided to make a small wager on the Preakness on Saturday.  I bet a $36 trifecta ticket.  It cashed… for $25.  Brilliant!  What a gambler I turned out to be!  Wow!  🙂  More evidence for the supposition that the only way to make a little money at horse racing is to start with a lot…

Hero leading into “Heroes”?  Interesting choice for “Heroes”‘ season finale night… NBC’s “Deal or No Deal” led into the fictional heroes with a real one, giving the guy who jumped onto the tracks of the New York subway to save a stranger the chance at $1 million.   Unfortunately, he turned down $305,000 in the next-to-last round, then opened the $1 million case, leaving him with $25.  Ouch.  But he played the way I always said I’d play DOND – play as long as the $1 million was in play.  And he did get rewarded – Chrysler gave him a Jeep to go with the $25 (or about one gallon of gas in California). 🙂  And… Deal airs a special Tuesday show on June 5 with a special home game… really… they are setting up the game on the player’s front lawn.

OK, that’s enough randomness for now… I’ll see you on the radio (if not elsewhere) soon… 🙂


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