This just in…

…if you missed Weird Al Yankovic at Innsbrook earlier this month (and really, how could you), he’s just added a date at Kingswood Amphitheatre at Kings Dominion on Sunday, August 5.    Time of the show isn’t available yet, but I’m fairly comfortable with the idea that it’ll be in the evening. 🙂  And Kingswood has seats!

In other news, I have no other news.  Film at 11.

I will try to lead a more interesting life, so that this blog is actually worth reading again, but first I have to find something interesting to do… if I do find that something, you’ll be the second to know… I’ll be first, of course.

And now, you may return to your regularly scheduled life.  Assuming you have more of one than I seem to have of late… 🙂

EDIT: Umm… nope.  See June 16.


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