Weird Al: Postgame

The good news is that my rainbringing talents seem to have shifted… it rained while I drove over to the Innsbrook Pavilion, and for a few minutes after I got there… and then it stopped.

The timing of the rain was such that the opening act was washed out and the venue didn’t open until 7:10 PM (standard gate-opening is 5:45 PM for reserved seating, 5:55 for general admission).

Weird Al took the stage at 8:05 and played until about 10:30.

It was well worth the rain, the clouds, the soggy ground… he put on his usual excellent show.  There were a few small technical glitches — blame the rain and the fact it was the first night of the tour — but nothing that got in the way of the show.

I didn’t quite expect to see as many familiar faces as I did — several wrestlers from around Richmond, one WellPoint co-worker, a couple of folks that I knew from That Place (got about a 50% “hello factor” there, not surprising, I guess) — and, of course, the guys from the 98.9 Liberty Street Team (Liberty wants very much to sponsor the series and is going to attend every show to make that point)… since I mentioned them, a quick plug for Oldies’ sister station – if you go to, there’s often an Innsbrook ticket giveaway going on… or you can just sign up for the Liberty Listener Club and try to win tickets for the season…

This becomes a nice centerpiece to my non-traveling vacation from work.  It’s been nice just bumming around the apartment this week.  I wish I could afford to do it more often.

And now to go watch the stuff I recorded on the DVR while at the concert… 🙂


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