Some weekend, eh?

It was an up-and-down weekend…

I had a truly awful show on Saturday, doing a last-minute fill-in (yes, they finally gave the 7-day-a-week DJ a day off!)… but came back to do a better-than-average show on Sunday in my regular slot.

NWA Virginia ran a small show 7 minutes from my apartment Saturday night… it wasn’t bad… actually, it set a record.  It was the first independent wrestling show that (1) started early and (2) ended at a reasonable hour.   The scheduled 7:30 start happened at 7:05, and the show wrapped at 9:05.  I won’t get into a lot of details, but it was up-and-down, too…  on balance, it was a good show, but I could have nitpicked it a bit if I chose to.

Tomorrow, it’s back to the daily grind… things really haven’t changed from the long-ass blog a couple of posts back… and we’ll leave it at that. 🙂

Now, stop reading this and go finish your taxes!


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