A week that really wasn’t…

…all that.

On the day job… for those who’ve forgotten, I work at the internal helpdesk at WellPoint (which, by a new company policy, requires me to remind you that this blog entry — and all of my blogs — are entirely my opinion and not necessarily that of WellPoint or anyone else who works there). Anyway, we’ve needed to streamline some of how we operate at the helpdesk, and I had a meeting with my manager recently to talk about it. He agreed, and decided to set up a couple of people to do the majority of the non-call and training/documentation work, so everyone else could do calls. So far, so good, right? Well… the announcement came this week that there would be two of us doing this, me and another technician who’s been there longer than me (and who reads this blog, so I should note here that nothing you’re about to read has anything to do with him). So far, so good, right? Not really. While I now have a number of non-call responsibilities… I haven’t been taken off my current primary task (which is a text-based support system that pretty much takes all my time). So now I managed to talk myself into a lot more work with a lot less time to do it… πŸ™‚ What I’m going to wind up doing is taking most of the non-call work and passing it over to the other technician, because I have no one to pass the text-based system to. And since my idea was, in part, to get out from under that system… wel, the upshot is that I outsmarted myself. Yes, I realize this seems a bit difficult to parse out, but there’s a huge backstory that I’ll gladly explain to anyone it wouldn’t bore terribly. πŸ™‚

And then there’s the radio gig. Last weekend, Oldies moved our Saturday 10-3 DJ to weekdays 3-7. He also does a Sunday night show. So, on the air last Saturday, he made the logical announcement that he’d be giving up Saturdays so as not to work a 7-day week. I talked to the program director on Sunday and let him know I was available to cover Saturdays until he hired a replacement. He told me “we’ll talk about it”. When that talk hadn’t happened by Friday night, I called one of the other full-time jocks (who is also a reader of this blog). He told me that Saturday was covered, as far as he knew — yes, by the same guy who thought he’d given it up. So the upshot here was that instead of letting their only part-timer (i.e. ME) have a second show, they’re making the new full-timer work a 7-day week. That doesn’t make me feel really comfortable about my future at Oldies… after all, if it’s not worth paying me less than the value of one 60-second commercial to have me cover Saturdays… ugh… anyway, I’m going to let this play out. But my off-air workload is shrinking and my on-air schedule is stagnant… YOU do the math…

Other stuff:

Unless you’ve been under a rock, you’ve heard of Wikipedia. Well, if you are willing to take the time, there is a substantial soap opera waiting to be uncovered there, what with outsiders calling Wikipedia a cult, insiders circling the wagons and generally acting like the cult they claim not to be, and several anti-Wikipedia sites gleefully ripping Wikipedia up one side and down the other. I’m kind of enjoying this… I still edit articles on Wikipedia occasionally (it’s a fun timekiller) while participating on one anti-Wikipedia message board (because I may edit Wikipedia, I’m nowhere near its “In Crowd” — I’ve done my time on the inside of vaguely-cultish organizations and I may have finally learned my lesson) and just marveling at the folly that is major brawling over minor power.

And finally… as someone who works part-time in radio, it pains me to admit that there are petulant assholes in the business. But there are. And one is named Colin Cowherd, and he works for ESPN Radio — here in Richmond, though, you wouldn’t know that as our local ESPN affiliate doesn’t air his pathetic excuse for a midday show. But back to Cowherd. On his show on Thursday, he invited the more socially-retarded members of his audience to commit a denial-of-service attack on the sports blog The Big Lead for reasons unclear. It worked. The Big Lead was down for about 48 hours. As far as I know, Cowherd is still employed by ESPN Radio, although in doing what he did, he exposed them to a lawsuit and possibly violated the law. It’ll be interesting to see if ESPN does the right thing and at least suspends (if not fires) Cowherd, or if they do the self-serving and expedient thing and completely ignore it. Given the realities of Big Media these days, I expect it to be ignored, because Cowherd’s miserable show (aimed at drooling fanboys everywhere) draws ratings in the few cities that still air it. Ironically, and somewhat paradoxically, quite a few markets pre-empt it for local programming, so it’s not like ESPN needs to put someone talented in the timeslot anyway… Cowherd’s show mostly plays — and pays — in smaller markets where there isn’t a real local sports presence. So why pay someone decent?

How was YOUR week?

Happy Easter and/or Passover, if you’re celebrating either or both. πŸ™‚

See you tomorrow on the radio… as far as I know. πŸ™‚


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