That was fun…

…the Program Director at Oldies (in other words, my boss) let me play one novelty/comedy song an hour today during my show.  I just wanted to prove there was comedy in music before Weird Al… 🙂

I mean, really, how many times will I get April Fools’ Day on my airshift?

Some fun April Fools’ pranks seen around…

– The Scottish radio station that attempted to convince their audience that they’d slept through April 1 and that this is Monday, April 2…
– The website that took a similar tack… announcing that April 1 had been dropped to make up for  the “error” of having a leap day in 1800, and that today was Sunday, April 2…
– LiveJournal claiming it was redesigning itself in MySpace’s image…
– YTMND claiming it was redesigning itself in Blogger’s image…
– The game-show blog Buzzerblog reimaging itself as LitterBoxBlog (for cat fans), as both parody and protest of GSN airing the CatMinster cat show tonight…
– And the sports blog Sports Media Watch claiming that, along the lines of Hank Williams doing Monday Night Football’s theme song, and Jon Bon Jovi and Big & Rich doing the Arena Football on ESPN theme song… Britney Spears being hired by FOX do to the theme for Major League Baseball… 🙂

That’s just the tip of the iceberg.  One site counted at least 300 Internet pranks today… Urgo’s List and Wikipedia’s List have updated lists of the tomfoolery.


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