Well, that was a waste of a Saturday…

…although I did learn a valuable life lesson.  If you’re going to have a tire go flat, better to do it on Brook Road at 25 mph (and less than 1/2 mile from the auto service center I use)… than any other option.

My right front tire picked this afternoon to go bad… I’m not surprised, the car had been handling a bit loosely and I was going to have it checked — after my 2007 Anthem bonus came through.  The tire had other plans.

The good part was that if it had happened 20 minutes earlier, it would have been at 70 mph on I-95.  If it had happened later in the day, it would have been at the Arboretum while I was at the radio station.

So all in all, losing 3 hours (and the price of 4 tires, as the auto service center staff very kindly showed me where the three surviving tires were worn as badly as the one that flattened) was a lot better than any possible alternative.

Anybody know any reliable get rich quick schemes? 🙂

See you on the radio… 🙂


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