Something eventful

After working for the same direct report (he had various titles) for 5+ years at Anthem, things changed this week.

Our latest reorg (we do those about once a year) gave us a new VP at the top of the chain… his first move was to take my manager and move him to the worst mess of a department in his org chart.  He said he wanted a challenge… oh man, did he get one.

I now have to sort-of adjust to a new manager — he’s not *really* new, he’s been with the department longer than I have, and he was managing the other half of the helpdesk (we’d been under a two-manager/one-team structure for a while, so consolidating to one manager helps), but I still get to adjust to someone else’s managing style.

It will be… interesting.

Elsewhere, I played both of the Daytona-themed songs last Sunday (and nobody has sent me a memo saying I shouldn’t), so there’s a good chance I’ll track down some Oscar songs of the ’60s and ’70s this weekend… check it out Sunday 12-5…

And a public service announcement before I go (especially to the less techie-minded in my audience)… make sure your computer knows that we go to Daylight Saving Time two weeks from Sunday.   Unless you do something (it might be as easy as an automatic Windows update or you might actually have to *do* something), your computer won’t change the time until April 1.  The aggravation you save could be your own…


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