Sometimes, it’s what you don’t do…

My parents — specifically, my dad, the golf nut — have been talking for years about leaving Chicagoland for the Villages (a retirement community about an hour from Orlando).

After the headlines of the last couple of days, I’m more than quite relieved they haven’t made the move yet.   That line of storms that teed off on the area around the Villages apparently was pretty brutal, indeed…

Shifting gears, I saw that the groundhog in Pennsylvania predicted an early spring… I wonder if that forecast will be any more accurate than the local weather forecasts that called for ice, snow, sleet, and (I think) locusts and frogs on Thursday… we got… a little rain.  Wow.

Ah well… off to Eastern VA for a wrestling show tonight (spectator, not participant)… and then on Oldies tomorrow noon-5, where I promise not to make (too much) fun of the weather forecasts that I read every hour as part of the show… 🙂

Finally, a reminder I steal annually from (I think) MSNBC’s Keith Olbermann… the word “Super” in “Super Bowl” is an adjective, not a promise… 🙂


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