64 West to Charlottesville

Drove out to Charlottesville tonight to catch “An Evening with Colin Mochrie and Brad Sherwood” — yes, improv from two of the Whose Line? regulars.

First, let me say that the Paramount Theatre on Charlottesville’s Downtown Mall is a beautiful facility.  Good sightlines (even from the balcony), good acoustics… and it was a packed house.

It was a fun night.  The set list would have looked rather familiar to Whose Line? fans… Moving Bodies, New Choice, Sound Effects, Blind Line… a medley of 5 games in one scene (which included a hysterical “Letter Substitution” where they replaced “S” with “P”, leading to the guys calling each other “pippy” and “puppy”)… their standard show-closing game of Mousetraps… and it wrapped with a duet recapping the events of the show.

Normally, I’d say it’d be worth a look when it comes close to Richmond, but as of now, the closest they’re coming to Richmond any time soon is Baltimore in April.  Details at http://www.colinandbradshow.com.

See you on the radio… noon-5 tomorrow, in case you’ve forgotten (not that I’d let you)… 🙂


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