I don’t get this season of American Idol audition shows.  They used to be fun… now they’re just mean.  It’s like the producers put out open casting calls at mental institutions and then set us up to “laugh” at the results.  Enough with the delusional and the borderline insane… why not show us more of the people we’ll see for the rest of the season?

I don’t get “senior women’s figure skating”.  I ran into it on ESPN2 tonight and saw what appeared to be a bunch of high school juniors skating for the national championship of “women’s” figure skating.  Maybe it’s me, but shouldn’t there be women at a “women’s” championship?  Figure skating and gymnastics have reached the point where they’re more suited to being a lure for Chris Hansen’s next “To Catch A Predator” than a sport for adults… if I wanted to watch children in sports… I’d have had kids.

I don’t get Nancy Grace… is she human?  Sorry, flipping the dials and caught that bit of bad TV…

Hmm… I need to sit down and think of some other things I don’t get… or maybe I get more than I thought I did?  I don’t get that…


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