End of year review

First, a Happy New Year 2007 to one and all… I hope 2007 turns out to be your best year ever. 🙂

Last December, I wrote up a bit of a personal year-in-review… I went back to it and figured I’d get an update/review in for 2006… keep in mind that this is about me, so everything pertains only to how the events impacted on my life. 🙂

The headlines

WellPoint — Overall, it was a quiet year.  At this point last year, we had wrapped up a huge project — bringing the helpdesk for Blue Cross of California into Richmond.  Since then, it’s just been a matter of maintenance, and continuing to cross-train WellPoint’s two helpdesks (Richmond and Indianapolis).   Back then, I said “and we’d like to think that we did such a good job getting the California project done that we deserve a shot at bringing the helpdesk for New York into the fold next…”  The New York project just started.  I’m not on the project team (not a surprise, and not a problem), but I’m available to them for experience in doing this kind of transition.  And my manager made it a point in our last pre-annual-review one-on-one to remind me how valuable I am to the team.  I’m kind of hoping that value translates into my paycheck in 2007. 🙂

Oldies 107-3 — After 3 1/2 years, they know me, know what I can do, and keep letting me do it.  That’s a good job to have.  Especially since I think of radio as my hobby-with-a-paycheck.  I have my Sunday show, and that seems pretty safe… and I’ll be the studio engineer for one or two basketball games a week between Oldies and our sister station (93.1 the Wolf), which is a few extra bucks in my pocket… 🙂

Wrestling — The big disappointment of my year.  I was hoping that Virginia independent wrestling would make a comeback in 2006.  It has, thus far, failed to do so.  The promotion I was expecting to come back with, South Atlantic Wrestling, never got off the ground — too many people, too many egos, not enough work to justify it, and they all turned on each other.  I’m staying out of the way, at least for now, as SAW regroups in 2007.  The status of NWA Virginia is questionable at best, and Vanguard Championship Wrestling seems to have died shortly after 11 pm on November 18, 2006 (at least, Dexter Holley thinks so, and Dex is the Expert).  I have no plans to renew my wrestling license in 2007, so I won’t be doing any shows any time soon.  But getting a license isn’t a difficult process, of course, so if the planets align…

The rest

There is a possibility we get to add anemia to my list of fun middle-age ailments (type 2 diabetes and cholesterol issues)… this turned up on a physical just before Christmas.  Merry Christmas, right?  They think it might be folic acid deficiency, so for now it’s one more pill I get to take each day.  Yay.

Of course, when the doctor looked at me and asked if I’d ever considered a lap band, it became obvious that I really need to take weight-loss seriously in 2007.  Forty-somethings shouldn’t carry the weight I’m carrying.

Still single, natch.  I can’t see that changing… it’s to the point that I don’t think I can be domesticated…

The summary

2006 was a holding-pattern year for me.  My two sources of income are doing well.  I just need to work on some new hobbies — with wrestling hurting and watching improv in Richmond not an option for me, I’ve got some work to do, since I’m not a big fan of free time. 🙂

The last word

Thanks, as always, to (just about) everyone who reads this at MySpace.  And special thanks to my MySpace friends list.  Unlike last year, I’m not going to do specific shoutouts in the blog… I’ll handle those as private messages where appropriate.

Enjoy the last hours of 2006, and be safe in the first hours of 2007.  See you on the radio!


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