Tracking the guests

(clearly, this is a rather MySpace-specific blog – 01.31.2008)

…but first, the usual reminder that you can check out my show on Oldies 107.3 tomorrow noon-5.   We’re doing four holiday songs an hour each weekend until Christmas… so you’ll get a dose of holiday cheer without overdosing (that would be a certain Lite station in town)…

Now, for the topic… I put a small hit tracker on my profile page, just out of curiosity to see where visitors come from… now, it’s not one of those OHMIGODWOWWOWWOW MySpace Visitor Trackers It’s a more conventional website tracker, meaning I get the location of the ISP and apparent location of the network connection, but I don’t have your profile picture or anything more substantial…

There have been the expected local visitors… Ashland, Glen Allen (including at least one friend who was visiting from work — I won’t tell),  Midlothian, Richmond… and from around Virginia… Roanoke, Harrisonburg, Hampton, Saluda, Urbanna… visits from DC (a rug shop?) and Maryland… one visitor on satellite, I think, from HughesNet… Google checked my site out a few times (wow?)… one from my old neck of the woods in Queens, NY… one from Chicago (I think I know who that was)… and then there’s the odd ones… Memphis?  Coatesville, PA?  St. Louis?  Bangalore?

If you’re any of those visitors, drop me a note… I’m truly curious as to who stops by…

And if you want one, visit my profile (heh) and click on the link in the “Heroes” section.  It seems to be free for MySpace users (although not nearly as functional as a paid account, natch)… although I’ll know more when my first 30 days are up at the end of the month. 🙂

See you on the radio…


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