It’s all Mesha’s fault…

First one of these I’ve done… hijacked from Mesha’s blog (peacefully, of course)

the letter a

are you available?
In the sense of…? (Technically, yes.Ā  Realistically?)

what is your age?
43 years, 2 months, 1 day

what annoys you?
Mindless stupidity and lemmings
the letter b

do you live in a big house?
I have NEVER been to jail… oh, wait… not “the” big house… no.

when is your birthday?

who are your best friends?
Can’t really say… it wouldn’t be fair…

the letter c

what’s your favorite candy?

who’s your crush?
All of the Deal or No Deal girls. šŸ™‚

when was the last time you cried?
My grandfather’s funeral (the last of my 4 grandparents to go)

the letter d

do you daydream?
Not really

what’s your favorite kind of dog?
German shepherd

what day of the week is it?

the letter e

how do you like your eggs?

have you ever been in the emergency room?
Once, on the way to eventually losing my gallbladder

what’s the easiest thing ever to do?

the letter f

have you ever flown in a plane?
Yes – many, many, many times

do you use fly swatters?

have you ever used a foghorn?
Not that I know of

the letter g

do you chew gum?
Not in many years

are you a giver or a taker?
I try to be a giver, but you have to take sometimes

do you like gummy candies?
I do, but my doctor doesn’t like me to šŸ™‚

the letter h

how are you?
Pretty good

what color is your hair?
Dark brown and light grey

do you wear hats?


the letter i

what’s your favorite ice cream?
Mint chocolate chip

have you ever ice skated?
No, I have enough problems walking

do you play an instrument?
No, although I tried to learn guitar once – that was a riot

the letter j

what’s your favorite jelly bean?

have you ever heard a really hilarious joke?


do you wear jewelry?
None for me, thanks

the letter k

who do you want to kill?
Nobody at the moment – there have been times, though…

do you want kids?
Not particularly

where did you have kindergarten?
Public School 33 in Queens, New York

the letter l

are you laid back?

do you lie?

when was your last shower?
This morning

the letter m

whats your favorite movie?

do you still watch disney movies?
No – I’d rather go to Disney World

do you like mango?
No (the fruit or the Chris Kattan character)

the letter n

do you have a nickname(s)?
Sure – Robster

whats your favorite number?
One (or is that the loneliest number?)

do you prefer night over day?
Not really

the letter o

whats your one wish?
Retiring a few debts…

are you an only child?
No – and my brothers resent that question šŸ™‚

do you wish this was over?
Nah, it’s kind of fun

the letter p

what one fear are you most paranoid about?
Fire – I’ll have to tell that story sometime

what are your pet peeves?
Stupid drivers and long lines

whats a personality trait you look for in people?

Sense of humor – why do you think I stole this from Mesha? šŸ™‚

the letter q

whats your favorite quote?

I don’t really have one – I guess if pushed, I could quote the Chairman of the Board… “I did it my way”

does time seem to pass quickly or slowly?
At this point in my life, it passes far too quickly

are you quick to judge people?
I try not to, but I am

the letter r

do you think you’re always right?
I generally am

do you watch reality tv?
Do game shows count?

whats a good reason to cry?
Good news

the letter s

do you prefer sun or rain?

do you like snow?

I like watching it.Ā  I don’t like living with it.

what’s your favorite season?
Fall – because it starts with my birthday, generally. šŸ™‚

the letter t

what time is it?

9:50 PM

what time did you wake up?
8:15 AM

when was the last time you slept in a tent?
Never, ever, ever…

the letter u

are you wearing underwear?

prefer underwear or boxers?
Umm… redundant much?Ā  Briefs, if you care.Ā  And you shouldn’t.

do you say “umm” a lot?
Umm… more than I should.

the letter v

what’s the worst kind of veggie?
Brussels sprouts or asparagus (and I’m not sure they’re different)

where do you want to go on vacation?
Southern California

where did you last go on vacation?
Disney World

the letter w

what’s your worst habit?
Babbling šŸ™‚

where do you live?
Henrico County (Lakeside area)

what’s your worst fear?
Fire (haven’t I answered this one?)

the letter x

have you ever had an x-ray?

have you seen the x-games?

do you own an x-rated film?

the letter y

do you like the color yellow?

what year were you born in?

whats one thing you yearn for?

Honestly?Ā  Getting over myself sometimes…

the letter z

whats your zodiac sign?

do you believe in the zodiac?

what’s your favorite zoo animal?


Author: Rob Hoffmann

Occasional blogger, slightly less occasional improv player/ref/tech, full-time computer techie, radio producer (basketball, mostly), generally nice person (if you ask me).

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