A long week…

…it was one of those weeks at WellPoint… nothing seemed to go quite right… 🙂 we made it through, but I never needed a weekend so much in quite a while… I cleared my schedule today and did… nothing.  It felt GREAT.

Of course, I’ll be on the radio tomorrow (as I am most Sundays), noon-5 on Oldies 107.3.  (plug alert)

And next Saturday, I’ll be out in Suffolk for the VCW 10th Anniversary Show… unfortunately for VCW, there are a number of other indy-wrestling shows in the mid-Atlantic next Saturday, and many of the guys who were a part of VCW are otherwise occupied… a shame, really… you’d like to celebrate 10 years of surviving in wrestling with a big, nostalgic night.

We’re a little more than 6 weeks out from Christmas.  Where did 2006 go?

I was looking for something profound to write at the end of this entry.  I failed.  Maybe next time.


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