Hockey Night in Richmond

Well, hockey’s officially back in Richmond.  At least, hockey owned by someone who cares in a league with cities we recognize… this after three years in virtual anonymity in the UHL.

It doesn’t hurt that the new Renegades beat Jacksonville 6-1 at the Coliseum tonight after beating Fayetteville 5-2 last night on the road.  So it’s Good Guys 11, Other Guys 3 after 2 games.  Good start. 🙂

Keep in mind that the league Richmond is in now, the SPHL, plays a short season (56 games), meaning there’s just 27 home games left.  The next two are in two weeks, Nov. 10 vs. Pee Dee and Nov. 11 vs. Huntsville.  Look for me there for one, if not both.

And, as always, I’ll see you on the radio tomorrow… noon-5 Eastern Standard Time 🙂 on Oldies 107.3 (a sponsor of Renegades hockey, not that this had anything to do with me being a life-long hockey fan).


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