I’m pretty sure I’ve mentioned Jessica Beck along the way… but just in case… Jessica was the daughter of the program director at 93.1 the Wolf (sister station to my weekend employer, Oldies 107.3). She died far too young, of cardiac arrhythmia, in the fall of 2005. She was just 21.

Jessica’s dad, Jeff, is not only the Wolf’s program director, but he’s been the voice-over announcer for commercials for the new hockey team in town, the Richmond Renegades. Jeff also did the commercials for the original Renegades many years ago. Over that time, Jeff and Renegades owner Allen Harvie have become friends.

That friendship has led to a special dedication. Harvie and the Renegades have dedicated the 2006-07 season to Jessica. There will be a heart painted at in the center ice faceoff circle for the home games at the Coliseum, and the Renegades and NASCAR will team up for an auction in early ’07 that hopes to raise $20,000 for the scholarship fund set up in Jessica’s memory. The fund provides scholarships for student-athletes at Jessica’s high school (Freeman) and college (Ohio State).

For more about Jessica and the scholarship fund, visit Jessica’s memorial website.

The Renegades’ website is at this link.


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