Bloody amazing

If you ever wondered why I still refuse to name That Place, or its owner, by name… and why, despite the fact that I have friends who have made their peace with her and are returning to her theatre, I will never go back to That Place again… try THIS on for size.

She Who I Will Not Name has arranged to have a MySpace account set up for her mother, and then (later, apparently) subscribed her mother’s account to my blog.

I would never have known if not for a failed blog post earlier tonight — while going over my blog settings to see what went wrong, I checked my subscriptions and readers lists… since MySpace doesn’t notify you about new subscribers to your blog (one of many broken “features” here), and since one rarely checks those lists, anyway… I wouldn’t have known any other way.

If I cared enough, I’d go after the account because it’s clearly not being used exclusively by the person listed on it… but, quite frankly, it’s both too funny and too sad for me to bother.

This is for the person hiding behind her mother… this is the kind of passive-aggressive crap that got me so angry that you had to fire me.  Glad to see nothing’s changed.

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(Barbara Morrell’s MySpace account posted this)


I had subscribed to your blog a while ago … I had heard that there was “stuff”.. or “junk” going back and forth so I wanted to read it for myself when I tried to read your blogs I had to subscribe.  So I did…. I subscribed..  Me Barbara Morrell, HER Mom.

I heard about your latest blog… I had not been on to My Space for well over a month maybe even too.  Not that it’s any of your concern, but my reason for having a My Space account is to enjoy fun things with so many players at “That Place”  I love them all and it’s fun sending notes to them back and forth here.

That being said, and getting back to having read your earlier blogs about “That Place” I stopped reading because you said… you were not going to continue on that subject… or words to that effect.  As an adult I thought you meant it… but I see you did not and have decided to start yet another whole round of “nonsense” So, Mr. Rob… here are my final words to you.

Picture this… A small being, standing on the edge of a promontory, the background dark blue sky and stars.  He’s gazing up at the stars and says…

When I, Nature’s servant, stand alone, at night and gaze at the wondrous stars who reign over the darkness of this small planet, I marvel at how small am I, Natures servant.

It’s amazing how small you are, too.

and from  The Paradoxical Commandments “… forgive them anyway.

Should you want to e-mail me please do so  So I can further tell you about how upfront I am and have taught my children to be the same.


Barbara Morrell

PS: Yes, nothing has changed … you still refuse to act like an Adult.

(My reply)

There is nothing I could say that would adequately express my amazement at this.

But that won’t stop me from trying.

Let’s start with the obvious — you didn’t have to subscribe to my blog to read it.  MySpace simply doesn’t work that way.  There can be only one reason you subscribed (or your account was subscribed), and that was to say “You’re being watched”.

Furthermore, you picked an interesting quote.  It’s more ironic than it appears to be, too.

Anyway, as to your point, I’ll stop writing about That Place when it stops giving me reasons to write.

Ironically, I really had planned to stop… at least, until it was decided to bludgeon home the point that I was being watched.

At this point, I can’t imagine what else it’ll take to get me to make another post about the place… then again, I couldn’t have imagined this, either.

P.S. If acting like an adult is using proxies to fight one’s battles, I’ll pass on “adulthood”.

(No further responses were posted)


Author: Rob Hoffmann

Occasional blogger, slightly less occasional improv player/ref/tech, full-time computer techie, radio producer (basketball, mostly), generally nice person (if you ask me).

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