Funny, I don’t feel a year older

In case you hadn’t guessed from my profile, I celebrated (?) a birthday this week.

I honestly didn’t do anything particularly special… I guess by the time one hits their 40s, the only birthdays that really have a meaning are the ones that end with a zero, which means 7 years until I have a birthday that “means” something.  Funny thing is, I’m not dreading 50 now nearly as much as I dreaded 40 when I was 33.

Before I forget, I just want to say publicly what I’ve already said privately — thanks to everyone who took a moment to comment or email… that did make my 43rd birthday just a bit more special than most of them have been.

With less than two weeks to the Annual Family Timeshare, I’m starting to plan out what I’ll be doing in Orlando… and in some kind of strange proof that Great Minds Think Alike, Orlando’s top improv theatre is doing their own take on Shakespeare, and it goes into previews just as I arrive in Orlando.  The SAK Comedy Theater is calling it the Lost Comedies of William Shakespeare — and the setup is that the audience has gathered for a brand-new Shakespeare comedy… but ol’ Will had the audacity to keel over a few hours before showtime without giving them a script.  Since “the show must go on”, the players solicit suggestions from the groundlings, and a new improvised Shakespeare comedy ensues.  Yes, I plan to blog about it after the trip. 🙂

And that serves as a jumping-off point to the fact that Richmond’s got some Willy (Shakespeare, that is) in its future.  “The Complete Works of William Shakespeare (Abridged)” returns at Sycamore Rouge in Petersburg in a little over a week… Sundays (10/1 and 10/8) at 4pm and Monday-Wednesday (10/2-4, 9-11) at 8pm.  It’s hysterical.  Go see it.  Then go see the nutcases behind the script (Reduced Shakespeare Company) perform their “Complete Hollywood (Abridged)” at the U of R Modlin Center on Oct. 20-21.

Otherwise, it’s just more of the usual between now and Florida.

Happy first weekend of Fall… 🙂


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