5 years on

It’s a weird feeling, watching the videos from 9/11/01.

I mean… I lived in NYC until the spring of 1991.  I’ve been to the World Trade Center.  I’ve walked around downtown Manhattan.

And yet it’s not really real to me.  I haven’t been back since 1991, either.  The New York I remember still has a World Trade Center.  I was gone 10 years before the jackals took down the WTC.

It’s more real to my dad.  He knows people who were downtown that day.  He has friends who were working on Wall Street.  He knows people who know victims.  He’s been back to NY since it happened.

To me?  It’s an abstract.  The closest I am to it is that my employer, WellPoint, merged with Empire Blue Cross Blue Shield (which lost 13 employees at the WTC) a year ago.   So it came up at work.  Other than that?  I don’t feel connected to it at all.

At some point, I have to go back to NYC.  I have to see it for myself.

Maybe then it’ll feel real.


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