I made a couple o’messes…

If you haven’t read the “Notes and Stuff” entry on my MySpace blog, and the mayhem that has ensued… check it out. If you have thoughts, feel free to chime in. šŸ™‚

Now I did promise to tell the story of how I brought an entire Oldies production studio to its knees last week…

Last Sunday (8/6), I did my usual weekend production session in our studio, downloading a bunch of commercials from our vendors and loading them into our on-air systems. I also ran a floppy disk-based program I wrote that pulls airtime data from the on-air system, and then loaded the data from that disk onto the off-air production system.

If you know computers, you already know what I did.

If I mention that there was a late-night power outage at the studio Sunday night or Monday morning… and that production isn’t on a backup battery because it’s not a critical studio… does that help?

Yeah, I left an unbootable floppy disk in the off-air system. Problem is, there isn’t anyone on the staff on Monday morning who is knowledgeable enough about computers to know that the error message on the screen meant “KICK THE FLOPPY DISK OUT OF THE DRIVE!”. Because the off-air computer was down, they couldn’t do any work in the studio all day… until late in the day, when one of the off-air staff came in and noticed the error, took the floppy disk out, and rebooted the production system.

Needless to say, I had a TON of apologizing to do… and I should’ve known better, I’ve been around computers since… um… THAT long ago… so I *know* the right way to do this stuff.

I still have my job there. šŸ™‚ I just wasted a life or two, though…


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