Time to think…

(originally posted to MySpace 7/11, copied to LJ 7/25)

…isn’t always a good thing.

I took the week off from work (I need to get my car inspected and I really needed a breather, I haven’t taken any substantial time off all year, just one long weekend in Florida)… so while I’ve been doing some spring cleaning around the apartment, I’ve had plenty of time alone with my thoughts.

Now we’re not going to discuss all of them. Heh.

But one thing that sort of worries me is how easy it was to make the decision not to do the Roanoke Rapids show on Friday. A couple of years ago, I would have been really going back and forth on it for a day or two… now, I made that decision in less than an hour. Now I am pretty sure I’m not becoming more decisive as I get older… so I can only figure that I’m pretty much over the wrestling business.

I was only doing the shows for SAW because Robert Royal said he wrote the Commissioner role for me… not because I had any real burning desire to be there.

So when it came down to (a) Royal’s asking me to be there vs. (b) that idiot McBride being there… well… it was too easy to use option (b) as my reason for not driving down there Friday.

This isn’t quite a “retirement” speech (how can you retire from something you’re barely a part of?) but more of… well… a general statement. Even more than before, I’m picking my spots. If the right situation comes up, I’ll do a show. But the criteria for “right situation” have changed…

I’m still going to do Travis Bradshaw’s 10th anniversary show in October (if he doesn’t schedule it during my Florida vacation)… but I don’t think there’s much by way of “right situations” right now…

My day job at Anthem and my radio job keep me busy enough… I guess I don’t *need* to work wrestling shows anymore.


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